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Market entry and trade consulting for South Asia

We provide consultancy services to facilitate your market entry into South Asia (India & Sri Lanka) and for you to avail applicable Free Trade Agreement benefits

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Storage of goods in Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZ)

We offer a wide range of warehousing solutions using our 7 Free Trade Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) facilities in South Asia to help you get your products close to your customer

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Full range of value added logistics services

In addition to warehousing, we also provide the full range of material handling, customs clearance and logistics services for your cargo in India and Sri Lanka

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Our services provide significant value to our customers

  • We are able to be your trusted Singapore based business partner to help you with competitive solutions together with personalised service for your market entry into India and Sri Lanka.
  • We provide appropriate advise on regulatory and licence requirements, import and export procedures, customs duty and clearance procedures for your products across a wide range of industries like metals, machinery and electrical equipment, e-commerce, pharmaceutical and medical devices, consumer products etc.
  • Our Free Trade Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) facilities in India and Sri Lanka provide safe, low-cost and long-term storage without payment of Customs Duty.
  • You can use the FTWZ storage site as a low-cost distribution hub for the region covering the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.
  • You can conduct your transactions in foreign currency.
  • We provide several value added services in the FTWZ that allow you to maximise your postponement strategy for selling into India on a just-in-time basis or for re-export.
  • We can help you deal with relevant regulatory agencies in a compliant manner.
  • You can move your products close to your end customer using the right mix of our geographically spread FTWZ units.
  • You can keep product title and the insurable interest in your goods in your own name.
  • You can use the FTWZ facilities to test your products in the Indian market with low risk and at low cost (on a worst- case basis, you need to incur only the freight charges for your products to and from India).
  • There is little need for setting up a legal entity in India and you can minimise the risk of creating a taxable presence in India.

We make doing business with South Asia easier!

InnoTrust Solutions Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-owned and incorporated business.

InnoTrust Solutions leverages the positive attributes of doing business in and through Singapore to assist organisations enter the South Asian market (India & Sri Lanka) in a safe, secure and compliant manner. Specifically, we help our clients use Free Trade Warehousing Zones in South Asia for warehousing and storage, and provide related value added services such as material handling, customs clearance, logistics and distribution.  We also provide relevant market entry and trade consulting support into India such as strategy, advice on Free Trade Agreements, direct and indirect tax, and accounting matters.



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