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Market Entry and Trade Consulting for South Asia (India & Sri Lanka)

We have a team of professional partners to support your questions across various industries (metals, machinery and electrical equipment, e-commerce, pharmaceutical and medical devices, consumer products etc.) relating to:

  • Direct and indirect tax
  • Regulatory licensing
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Market entry strategies for various industries
  • Avail free trade agreement benefits
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Warehousing in Duty Free Zones

We offer a wide range of warehousing solutions using our 7 Free Trade Warehousing Zone facilities (FTWZ)  in South Asia to help you get your products close to your customer.

Click here to see the FTWZ locations.

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Value Added Services

In addition to storage and warehousing, we also provide the full range of material handling, customs clearance and logistics services for your cargo in India and Sri Lanka.  Consequently, we enable our clients to use the FTWZ as a distribution hub for their products and supply them throughout the world.


We offer a wide range of storage facilities in our FTWZ warehousing units

These cater to different client needs such as the handling and storage of oversized cargo, valuable goods, hazardous goods, temperature controlled goods, bulk products etc.

We also offer a range of storage options such as rack storage, open yard storage, strong room, refrigerated storage and container storage.

Storage charges are based on actual use of space.

In addition to storage, we offer a full suite of services in the FTWZ such as:

  • Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance
  • Logistics and distribution support
  • Cold-chain solutions
  • Value Added Activities (e.g. documentation, break-bulk, packing, kitting, labelling, bottling, bagging, wrapping, handling, washing, crating, strapping, cutting, palletization, consolidation, repairs and maintenance).
  • Processing services - we can assist in further processing of your products in or outside of the FTWZ, as appropriate

Find out more about the FTWZ concept and locations

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